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SBS Slab System


The “SBS Steel Block System ®is a patented construction technology introduced to the MENA Region during the nineteen eighties. It is a sound, serviceable, durable, time saving and above all economical system that enables architects and engineers to overcome critical design challenges and come up with esthetical, lightweight high performance structures.

The system is an assemblage of “I” section joists, applied in one or two orthogonal directions, consisting of top and bottom concrete flanges accommodating main steel, connected by vertical concrete web and containing corrugated SBS steel blocks as voids. It has been developed and fine tuned through years of rigorous operational research.



Projects adopting the “SBS Steel Block System ®may have up to 20 meters of unobstructed spans. The system has been selected for the design and construction of a wide spectrum of outstanding commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and educational projects.




  • Full co-operation is attainable between loaded and adjacent ribs, behavior in flexure, shear and deflection similar to solid slabs.

  • Superior response in seismic resistance, due to light weight double concrete elements acting as rigid diaphragms.

  • High safety factor in horizontal and vertical shear due to the joint action of SBS steel blocks and concrete although conservatively shear is considered to be taken by web. SBS blocks topping capacity to punching shear exhibits large values.

  • Large span to depth ration (25-35) while satisfying permissible deflection l/240 or l/480. Reduced immediate and long term deflection due to large “Igand reduced slab weight yielding small “MD”thus increasing “M cr” and “Ie”.  SBS blocks contribute to the compression zone steel area “A’ss” increasing “Ρ’” and decreasing long term deflection.

  • Saving in material and labor by reducing the concrete area where it is not structurally needed; saving in steel for slabs, columns and foundation due to decreased self weight of the structure.

  • Considerable saving in labor time achievable by using wire mesh as main reinforcement.

  • When plywood is used, the underside of SBS slabs is smooth, fairfaced, firm and suitable for easy and speedy ceiling finishing.










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